Virgin Media

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Fibre optic is faster

Other providers deliver their broadband through copper telephone wire, which means your speed gets slower the further you live from the phone exchange. Optical fibres are made of glass, and they’re designed to send vast amounts of information at the speed of light (that’s pretty fast). That’s how we can deliver speeds of up to 50Mb.

Fibre optic is future proof

Downloading music and movies, playing games, social networking – we do so much online already, and we’ll do more in the future. The great news is that our network is so advanced, regardless of how the internet changes, you’ll be ready.

No need for a phone line

Our fibre optic network means that our broadband isn’t tied to the phone network, unlike other providers. So if you just want broadband on its own, we’re happy to give you just that. We have great value phone and broadband packages too, of course, but the choice is yours.